Video Art Project: iamamiwhoami ‘s Fountain

I will no longer refer to my editing adventures as experiments and particularly this one as it was more of an artistic piece in the form of a video. I envisioned this piece when I listened to a beautiful song from the Swedish artistes, iamamiwhoami, called “Fountain”. With the title of the track and a bit of the lyrics, I imagined a visualization of the water cycle that demonstrated the intelligent design of the wondrous world we live in as well as how it must have been when the earth and the waters took shape. I tried to minimise human life in the clip because I wanted to show a world untouched, not tainted or polluted, a paradise that we have subsequently lost.
I started by gathering and collecting stock footage that focused on the various water bodies and nature in general. Even though, my prime focus was on the water cycle, I wanted to depict the fact that nature depends on water to sustain life. I also wanted to show the water’s interaction with the life that it sustained. I used XStock Video, Stock Footage For Free and Video Blocks for the footage.
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Sixth Video Experiment

This is my lastest editing experiment, a music video for “Love is a Suicide”. For the title intro, I used a template created in Video Copilot Evolution, removed and then added some elements as well as changing the background colour. I integrated the official artist’s logo along with a paintbrush stroke element. I employed Twitch to the text to create a stuttering effect. An overlay of real 8mm film was applied to the title intro to create a grainy, dark feel. The video footage seen is from the Baz Luhrmann classic “Romeo + Juliet” which fit the subject matter of the song perfectly.
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Get It Up! : Fifth Video Experiment

This is my newest editing venture and it is a longform PSA-type of video to spread awareness on not only H.I.V. infection in Africa (as is usually shown in the media) but also the much less highlighted Aboriginal communities in North America. I also wanted to point out the fact that H.I.V. is a global problem and not just relegated to one continent (Africa) but others much less discussed like Europe.

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Fourth Video Experiment

Firstly, I used Adobe After Effects to create the title intro, specifically the effect Particle World to generate particles. I also employed the AAE plug-in Twitch for the shaky cam effect in the intro. This is the first video I tried with Twitch. Continue reading

Sound Editing Reel

The clip above shows the original footage of “The Fracture” as well as the greatly improved final product.I had to do quite a bit of sound editing- adding sounds such as a ringing phone and editing dialogue. In terms of the dialogue, I had to make it as clean as possible and remove background din as well as convert spoken dialogue into a voice coming from a phone. I mostly used Sound Forge for these tasks.

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Colour Correction Reel

The following is the reel breakdown for the clip above:-
1. Sinking (2005)
Using Magic Bullet Suite, I managed to remove imperfections on the lead actress face. Also I removed the yellow tint to the video.
2.The Addict (2005)
Using the colour correction effect in Final Cut, I brightened the picture and removed the yellow tint and grain on the film.
3.The Fracture (2007)
For this short film, “Fracture”, In terms of colour correction, I used the colour correction effect in Final Cut Pro and Avid Pro to give the lead actress flesh Continue reading