Tove Lo`s Keep It Simple Lyric Video

This is my new lyric video for Swedish singer and songwriter Tove Lo off her sophmore album ‘Lady Wood’. When I first heard this song, I envisioned it having an 80s vibe due to the snyths. It also gives a sci-fi feel. Continue reading

Allie X’s Tumor Lyric Video

My newest video is a lyric-based one for Allie X’s song ‘Tumor’. When I envisioned this song, I wanted the lyric video to be infographic-inspired. Up and coming Canadian talent, Allie X has mused about having a medical fetish and I believed that infographics would be a unique way to indulge in this fetish and thus stay true to her aesthetic.

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Kitten’s Cathedral Lyric Video

As one of the popular songs on Kitten’s much praised debut album, I was excited to create the lyric video for this gorgeous song. Lead singer, Chloe Chaidez uses religious imagery (which is a continuous Kitten device and a signature) to express herself in the song. Chloe Chaidez gave her approval of the video and she said she loved it.

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Kitten’s Christina Video


The band, Kitten has become one of my favourite bands as of last year due to their succession of flawless albums, most notably the “Like A Stranger” EP and their debut self-titled album. Anytime I listened to “Christina”, a song off their “Cut It Out” EP, I always envisioned a video featuring actress, Christina Ricci’s influential films. That vision came to life and Chloe Chaidez, lead singer of Kitten, praised my efforts.

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Charli XCX’s Black Roses Lyric Video


With the advent of lyric videos becoming just as important as music videos, I thought I might try my hand at creating one. One of my favourite songs off Charli’s brilliant album, “True Romance” is “Black Roses”.  I envisioned a Victorian, gothic feel for this lyric video because of the song’s dark romantic vibe. Consequently, my video received plaudits from the song’s mega-producer Ariel Rechtschaid (Madonna, No Doubt, Adele, Haim, and Blood Orange).

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