Kitten’s Cathedral Lyric Video


Chloe Chaidez of Kitten has given her approval of the video and she said she loved it.

Kitten Response

She also tweeted about the video on her social media account.

Kitten Response2

Original Post

As one of the popular songs on Kitten’s much praised debut album, I was excited to create the lyric video for this gorgeous song. Lead singer, Chloe Chaidez uses religious imagery (which is a continuous Kitten device and a signature) to express herself in the song. I transformed live concert photos of Kitten and used a custom made filter to produce a stained glass effect.
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Allie X ‘Bitch’ Lyric Video


I tweeted Allie X a link to the video and she liked the tweet.

Allie X response5

On Tumblr, she also stated that she thought it was ‘Xcellent”.

Allie X response2


Original Post

Upon hearing, Allie X’s ‘Bitch’, I immediately liked it—the biting lyrics and the visceral production. Originally, I was going to use retro ads featuring women that were used by the US for World War propaganda Then with research, I decided to use vintage sexist ads (featuring mostly housewives) and actually subvert their patriarchal and subjugated notions of women. The idea was to channel domestic rage into this project, lash out against this idea of the domesticated housewife.

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Kitten’s Christina Video

Chloe Chaidez, lead singer of Kitten liked my video for their song. She favourited my tweet to her about the video and made some  very positive remarks.

Chloe accolade

Original Post

The band, Kitten has become one of my favourite bands as of last year due to their succession of flawless albums, most notably the “Like A Stranger” EP and their debut self-titled album. Anytime I listened to “Christina”, a song off their “Cut It Out” EP, I always envisioned a video featuring actress, Christina Ricci’s influential films.

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Charli XCX’s Black Roses Lyric Video

With the advent of lyric videos becoming just as important as music videos, I thought I might try my hand at creating one. One of my favourite songs off Charli’s brilliant album, “True Romance” is “Black Roses”.  I envisioned a Victorian, gothic feel for this lyric video because of the song’s dark romantic vibe. Essentially, I created different compositions in After Effects and edited these compositions into a sequence using Adobe Premiere. The introduction with titles took the longest to create. I essentially used a roses wallpaper found by Google search that I altered using a paint like effect. Then I used the glow and stroke effect for the roses as well as the titles and linear and circular features in the background design. I also had moving elements in the background that I created using masks. I wanted the title to look like a painting similar to the rest of the lyric video because for each following composition, the subjects were masked from actual Victorian era paintings of women holding roses.

imageedit__8428606644Title of the Black Roses Lyric Video

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Second Color Correction Reel

The following is the reel breakdown for the clip above:-
1. Fountain (2015)
Using tools of Adobe Premiere CS6, I color corrected the edited sequence of mostly flat stock footage. With guidance from YC Waveform, Vectorscope and RBG Parade, I made sure there was contrast along with equal amounts of highlights and shadows in each clip. In regards to color grading, I used the RGB curve effect to create unique looks for each clip. Additionally, I added a Three Way Color Corrector to increase saturation of specific masked portions of the clip. This varied from the greenery to the sky to the different water bodies (seas, oceans and rivers).

My first Color Correction Reel can seen in this post